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Our Story

Sprettert is a group of investors focused on early stage investments in Stavanger, Norway.
The members of the group came together after attending Angel Challenge Stavanger,
all with the common goal of investing in local startups with great ideas and solid teams. 

Strategic Direction

Startups often have initial momentum and then stall. Strategic planning helps you avoid the stall and get off the plateau you find yourself on.

Limited Networks

Startups don't often have access to the mentors, investors and people who can assist the company through the various stages of growth.

Funding Requirement

Bootstrapping might work for some startups, but many of the good ideas that startups have need capital investments to see the light of day.

Meet the investors

The team has diverse set of backgrounds which include founding, scaling, 
managing companies and mergers & acquisitions.

Magnus Jepson


Christian Rokseth


Halvor Øgreid

Managing Director
Øgreid AS

Jo Håvard Borsheim


Erik Ålgård

Group CEO
Ålgård Holding

How can we help?

Sprettert aims to help local startups in Stavanger, and also national startups in Norway,
with initial funding and guidance on the continued journey.  We have complementary skillsets,
yet very diverse backgrounds. We'll help extend your network and connect you to the right people.

Coordinated Investors

Flexibility in Scope and Mandate


Extensive Networks


Large Funding Capacity


Diversified Group


Simple Contracts



Companies we've invested in.

There is a need for insight in local rivers and fjords. Intoto is the platform for intelligent rivers. Through sensors, data collection and AI, they aim to interpret, utilize and deliver this data.
Zelo is a platform for internal communications which allows you to deliver information to your employees efficiently, and immediately get a clear overview of their responses. Zoaring aims to simplify communication. Both companies are owned by Zensemaker.
What if you could instruct a robot like you instruct a worker? Aivero strives to bring AI to your real world problems, starting with industrial robotics. The company was founded by our Sprettert partner Christian Rokseth. 
Pickr.AI delivers next generation automated order fulfilment solutions for warehouses. Their picking solution is 3 times faster than manual picker.
Bikefinder has created the smallest and most energy efficient cellular tracker in the world. The tracker fits inside your bike and tracks its location if it is stolen.
Halodi creates humanoid robots that have the dexterity and sensitivity of humans at the fraction of the manufacturing cost compared to traditional vendors, enabled by their patented REVO motor design.
Assitech is making a real impact in the world. They apply their smart designed products to help older people stay at home longer, without needing help to move around in the home (like Stairs, Shower, Toilet).
Enin gives you insight into what is happening through automated real-time monitoring and analysis of news and social media for banking and finance. This lets you stay on top of developing risks affecting you and your customers.
KVS Technologies believe in a world where humans and drones collaborate to perform demanding tasks. Their mission is to provide power companies with a safer and smarter way to monitor the conditions of their grids.
Heimdall aims to re-imagine the power grid according to this century's values. They are passionate about upgrading the power grid to support the future and has the hardware to make the grid alive with information, using artificial intelligence and blockchain concepts can make the grid intelligent.
Nordic web ventures invests in Nordic tehcnology startups and sprettert is an investor in their first fund.
ClevAir replaces costly and manual building and asset management with smart cloud connected sensors and analytics.
Nordic Unmanned deliver products and services based on the latest unmanned technology. Their goal is to reduce or eliminate risks, save costs, and increase capabilities for clients.
Online Logistics help customers in a number of industries to work smarter through digital solutions and digitization of work processes.

Previous companies we've been investors in.

Zaptec has taken a new and groundbreaking approach to designing electric car chargers and are now the preffered brand for single and multi phase charging in Norway.
Flowmotion makes it easier for people to create high quality video footage by with their smartphone. Flowmotion One is a high end Smartphone stabilizer. Their Kickstarter campaign has brought in more than 2MUSD.
Futurehome offers professionally installed smart home solutions and cloud services with focus on ease of use and integration with state of the art smart home devices, sensors and actuators.

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